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  • That the permission shall be valid for a minimum period of Three Months extendable up to one year for which the advance license fee has to be paid for the particular vehicle. The contract may further be extended beyond one year on submission of requisite documents along with the advance license fee. The fee will be payable on quarterly basis. The vehicle, for which permission has been granted, shall always carry a certificate of permission issued by the Advertisement Department under the signatures of an officer not below the rank of Commercial Officer.
  • That the area for advertisement / name / logo shall not exceed 75% of the surface area on each side of the vehicle except the front of the vehicle. In case of display of advertisement through digital media, the maximum size shall not exceed 3’X2’ ft. on anyone side except on the front. The display of advertisement through digital media will be static.
  • That the permission shall be granted only for the vehicles whose primary purpose is to serve a useful function in the transportation or conveyance of persons or commodities from one place to another. No transport vehicle shall be used for the sole purpose of advertising.
  • No vehicle carrying advertisement shall be parked on a public right of way or in a location on a private property for a long duration, which is visible right of way. Even during the night stay, the vehicle shall be parked in a manner that the advertisement is not visible to the traffic on any road
  • That the entire marketing for advertisement, providing the vehicle to the advertiser or day-today operation, wear & tear, etc, will be the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner and North DMC shall not be responsible or liable for any loss of time or cannot be a party to any dispute arising out of non-placement of the vehicle, wear and tear, due to the advertisement or any legal implications arising out of display of advertisement.
  • The NOC shall be valid for jurisdiction of Delhi only.
  • No directional signs or arrows shall be permitted on vehicles carrying fleet advertising.
  • All fleet advertising shall be affixed, painted, magnetically applied on the outer surface of the vehicle or mounted on the vehicles, as specified.
  • No animation or movement, in any form, shall be permitted in fleet advertising;
  • Bus advertising devices shall not interfere in any way with the mandatory vehicle signs, such as purpose of the bus service, number place, etc;
  • No advertisement which is indecent/obscene or offensive to good taste or against public sentiments or in contravention of the provisions of DMC Act, Advertisement Bye-laws framed there under and the relevant directions of the courts of law, shall be permissible;
  • That the advertisement shall be displayed in a proper manner taking all precautions against electrocution / accidents and Corporation shall not be responsible for any negligence, injury or casualty on any account whatsoever. The owner of the vehicle shall be bound to indemnify and reimburse the Corporation for all claims, demands, loss, charges, cost and expenses which it may have to incur or which accrue on account of infringement of any of the terms & conditions;
  • That the permission for display of advertisement shall not confer any other right or authority on the owner of the vehicle / transporter / operator or the advertiser, other than display of advertisement, as per prescribed specifications and terms & conditions;
  • That the Commissioner or any other officer authorized by him, shall be Competent Authority for grant of such permission. The permission can be revoked at any point of time by the Competent Authority, without assigning any reason whatsoever.